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All About Us

We are professionals

 Our puppies are delivered with A class pedigree certificate, micro-chip, first vaccination and parasite treatment. They are grown in the home environment and toilet training is given at the rate of 50-60% so that new families do not have any difficulties. .All our dogs and puppies are registered in FCI, KIF. They have been evaluated by the referees (Kinolog) and the necessary documents have been obtained. All of our dogs have appeared in competitions organized by KIF (Federation of Dog Breeds and Kinology), which is affiliated to FCI (International Dog Breeds Federation), became the "Turkey Champion" by taking the necessary titles, and also participated in international competitions and became champions of many countries. To summarize the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed, as it is a newly recognized breed in our country.

  • shorthaired,

  • intelligent,

  • very prone to education,

  • weight between 13-18 kg,

  • height between 35-40 cm,

  • very harmonious in the home,

  • easy to maintain,

  • shorthaired,

  • no salivary problem

  • quiet,

It is a happy breed known as Nanny Dog abroad, which can adapt to all family members, especially loves children and gets along very well. It should never be confused with banned breeds. There is also an association of this race in our country. When we deliver our puppies to their new families, our job does not end, on the contrary, it is just beginning. While raising your puppies, you can call and consult all the questions you want to ask without any hesitation. We are always ready to help.

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